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SASSENBERG.NAME provides a private web forum on ancestry research.

The subject of this private, non-public forum is information exchange on the surname Sassenberg. Access to this forum is limited to persons with the surname Sassenberg and their relatives:

persons with the surname Sassenberg

Close relatives to a „Sassenberg“

People who do professional anchenstry research (verifiable)

People who already have comprehensive information on the name or family Sassenberg

Everybody with the surname Sassenberg (including their close relatives or those who already have gathered information on „Family Sassenberg“) is welcome to join.

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I started ancestry research some years ago. The more you know the more you realize you know nothing - and more questions occure:

Are there any other „Sassenbergs“ doing research? Do they have the missing pieces of the puzzle? How to consolidate all information? How do I share my knowledge? Is there a link to the City Sassenberg, near Münster?

Thus, I launched a web forum in summer 2006.

Forum „Sassenberg Genealogy“

Martin Sassenberg

Forum „Sassenberg Genealogy“